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Bremerton, WA Comfort Keepers Office Recognizes Excellent Senior Caregivers

Congratulate Our Senior Caregivers and Employee of the Year!

Bremerton Comfort Keepers proudly recognizes and congratulates from our team of senior caregivers: Deseray Mott as our franchise Employee of the Year. Deseray was recognized as an employee of the month earlier this year. Her ability to routinely go above and beyond expectations to provide outstanding care to her clients makes her an extraordinary Comfort Keeper and places her in the running for the national Comfort Keeper of the Year honor that will be disclosed this fall at the annual Comfort Keepers conference in Orlando, Florida.

Comfort Keepers owners, Jim & Pam Woolford gifted Deseray with some of her favorite things to thank her for her exceptional work. A bouquet of flowers, Denver Bronco’s car seat covers and floor mats (Bronco’s fan), gift certificate to a local day spa, gift certificate for dinner for two at Anthony’s Bremerton and cash for date night with her husband and some extra cash to pay for a babysitter for her three boys.

“Deseray is available to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Her dedication is exemplified time and again when she accepts shifts on short notice.  She maintains flexibility in the ever-changing world of senior caregivers, whether it’s a client or a staffing need.   Deseray makes sure each of our clients’ needs are met. It remains important to her that each client continue to live the best quality of life possible through our interactive caregiving standards.” Gretchen Kelling, Care Manager – Comfort Keepers of Bremerton.  

“Deseray gives high-quality care no matter the circumstances.  Emotional and stressful situations do not hold her back.  She approaches every issue with unparalleled compassion, grace, and professionalism. Her communication is top notch. It’s never “what do they want now,” it’s “what exciting adventure do I get to go on today.”  Whether it be in a facility, a hospital, or their private home, Deseray has an innate ability to form an immediate, long lasting relationship with her clients and their families.   She is filled with compassion and dedication for every single client.” Carrie Mulcahy, General Manager, Comfort Keepers of Bremerton.

“Deseray is more than just a caregiver and employee; she is a friend, a confidant, a mentor, and as sweet as an angel.  She is an example of what every Comfort Keeper should strive to be. Positive, Encouraging, Trustworthy, and Compassionate are just some of the words we use when describing Deseray.” Michelle Risley, Human Resource Director and Director of Operational Excellence.

We are proud to have Deseray as the face – and heart – of Comfort Keepers Bremerton #438 and are excited to announce her as our 2017 employee of the Year! Congratulations!  Thank you for demonstrating excellence within our team of senior caregivers and continue to inspire it in others.


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