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Senior Caregivers of the Month from Comfort Keepers of Bremerton, WA

We recognize the senior caregivers that truly possess the heart of compassion for our clients in Bremerton, WA and Kitsap County

Earning the title of Comfort Keeper of the Month is no small feat. These compassionate and highly devoted senior caregivers are employees that have gone above and beyond their call to help seniors in the area. Comfort Keepers of the Month embody everything our brand stands for, including a big heart, the knack for creativity and resourcefulness, strong communication skills, patience, and flexibility. These important qualities must be demonstrated daily, in a way where our team places their client's priorities above all else.

Comfort Keeper of the Month Requirements

These Comfort Keepers embody a compassionate spirit. Going above and beyond for clients and being especially great to work with.

Hear From Comfort Keeper Michelle G.

Comfort Keeper of the Month - November 2018, McKenna M.

CKOM McKenna M.

McKenna joined our team in August 2017. Since the beginning, she has gone beyond expectations to provide excellent care to our clients and their family members. McKenna is reliable, dependable, and always ready to take on difficult assignments. 

McKenna is sensitive to the needs and wants of her clients. One clients husband stated “McKenna is my wife’s ray of sunshine. She always has a smile on her face and makes sure my wife is comfortable before leaving.” 

McKenna’s compassion and dedication to her clients are only two things that make her an asset to our Comfort Keepers team. Her passion for helping those who need it, makes her an exemplary Comfort Keeper.

Thank you, McKenna and Congratulations! 

Comfort Keeper of the Month - October 2018, Jeff H.


We are excited to name Jeff as our October Comfort Keeper of the Month!

Since joining our team 6 years ago, Jeff has proven to be dedicated, dependable, and very proud of the work he does daily.

Jeff is well respected by each of his clients and always shows up with a smile on his face. Jeff’s clients’ have said things such as “Jeff is a wonderful caregiver and I will do whatever I can to keep him as my sole caregiver.”  Another client said, “Jeff has a great sense of humor and is very patient in listening to all of my husbands’ stories over and over again.”

Jeff goes above and beyond his duties as a Comfort Keeper.  He is not only a caregiver; he is also a friend.  We are happy to have him as a part of the Comfort Keepers #438 team.  

Thank you Jeff and Congratulations!

Comfort Keeper of the Month - September 2018, Helen L.

CKOM Helen L.

Helen recently celebrated 4 years with Comfort Keepers.  Since day one, she has shown true compassion to her clients and has gone above and beyond our expectations of caregiving. Helen strives for excellence and takes her responsibilities seriously, including updating us on traffic delays.

Helen is reliable andflexible, often picking up last minute shifts to assure our clients are getting the care they need and deserve.  One of Helen’s client stated “Helen can’t be replaced. She is a great cook and sweet not only to me, but my little dog too.”

Helen’s sense of humor and caring heart are two of her best characteristics to being a successful Comfort Keeper.  

Thank you Helen, and Congratulations!

Comfort Keeper of the Month - August 2018, Amber B.

CKOM Amber B.

We are pleased to name Amber our August Comfort Keeper of the Month!

Amber started with us as a Comfort Keeper in April 2016 and then moved to our Scheduler position in March 2017.   Amber is currently taking on both roles and doing so like a rock star! 

Amber has made bonds with her clients and other Comfort Keepers.  She works extremely hard to meet each of their needs and to assure everyone is happy.  Clients and CK’s both have expressed that “Amber is truly the best.”   We whole heartedly agree!  

Thank you Amber for your outstanding work ethic, reliability, dependability, and contagious laugh!  We are honored to have you on our Comfort Keepers team.



Comfort Keeper of the Month - July 2018, Josie W.

CKOM Josie W

Josie has been a Comfort Keeper since 2014. Her commitment to excellence is demonstrated through her attention to detail and anticipatory ways. Josie is full of compassion and takes great pride in understanding the needs of her clients. Her dedication to caregiving demonstrates high standards and values, which provide our clients with the respect they deserve.

Josie was assigned to a client for just over 3 years. The family stated “Josie truly helped mom to age with dignity and respect.  The 2 of them formed a great bond and we will surely miss her presence around the home.” Josie, we appreciate your effort to uphold the Mission and Vision of Comfort Keepers.

Thank you Josie for the dedication, reliability, and dependability to our clients. It is a pleasure and honor to have you as the face of Comfort Keepers!  



Comfort Keeper of the Month - June 2018, Leslie G.

CKOM Leslie G.

Since joining our team 10 years ago, Leslie has shown a level of commitment and willingness to make every client feel like they matter. 

Caregiving, is very demanding physically, emotionally and mentally, yet to see Leslie with her clients you would never know this. Leslie is loved by her clients and families she serves and is always ready to go the extra mile to meet their needs. She is an exemplary CK and possess a remarkable ability to connect with each client. 

Leslie is dedicated and always cheerful, upbeat, and keeps a positive attitude. We greatly appreciate her and are excited to name Leslie as our June Comfort Keeper of the Month! 

Thank you Leslie and Congratulations! 


Comfort Keeper of the Month - May 2018, Jennifer D.

CKOM Jennifer D.

Jennifer came to us because she “wanted to make a difference and fulfill the lives of seniors.”  Caregiving was new to her and she was eager to jump in.  From the beginning, Jennifer has gone above and beyond to make her clients feel like they matter.

Jennifer has the great ability to make connections with her clients.  She always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude.  One clients’ daughter stated “the match between mom and Jennifer is just great.  She is a good cook and cooks how mom likes. She is very gentle"


Jennifer’s commitment to her clients and Comfort Keepers are key to being a successful caregiver and employee.  We are happy to have her on our team.  Thank you Jennifer and Congratulations!


Comfort Keeper of the Month - April 2018, Kimie C.

CKOM Kimie C.

We are excited to name Kimie our April Comfort Keeper of the Month! Since joining our team in 2013, Kimie has proven to be a dedicated, flexible and reliable Comfort Keeper. 

Kimie has been able to make bonds with her clients and works hard to meet their needs. She has adapted her clients’ recipes to promote a healthier lifestyle. Miss. Jane said “Kimie was a wonderful cook” and Miss Jane “had the best dinner since she has been working with us.” 

Thank you Kimie for your outstanding work ethic and for treating our clients with the dignity and respect they deserve. 


We are honored to have you on our Comfort Keepers team. Congratulations! 


Comfort Keeper of the Month - March 2018, Tiffony G.

CKOM Tiffony G.

Since joining our Comfort Keepers team 2 1⁄2 years ago, Tiffony approaches caregiving from a nurturing perspective. She has shown an exceptional level of skills, compassion, commitment, willingness to help, and reliability to our clients and our company. Tiffony continually demonstrates that she will go above and beyond for each of her clients.

Whether it’s talking about football or whipping up a meal, Tiffony makes an effort to develop a relationship with each client she serves. Mrs. S. stated “Tiffony is a joy to be around and is doing very well with a sometimes, gruff gentleman.”

Tiffony holds herself accountable not just for the client’s care and safety, but also for their happiness. Her wisdom and dedication are refreshing.


We are blessed to have Tiffony as part of our Comfort Keepers team. Thank you Tiffony and Congratulations! 


Comfort Keeper of the Month - February 2018, Peggy F.

CKOM Peggy F.

Peggy has been with us for just over 5 years and has been a stellar employee the entire time. Since the beginning, Peggy has taken on a broad range of clients and has excelled with each of them.

Peggy is patient, kind and very mindful of her clients’ needs. She is dearly loved by each client and their family members for her compassionate and competent caregiving. In one clients’ words “Peggy is one of the most thoughtful senior caregivers I’ve had and I am blessed to have her in my life.”

Peggy is a great example of responsibility, accountability, and great client service. She exhibits our Core Values each and every day.


Thank you for your commitment to our team Peggy and congratulations! 

Comfort Keeper of the Month - January 2018, Coralynn B.

CKOM Coralynnlyn B.

Coralynn has proven to be loyal, dependable and very flexible.  She always has a smile and her kind, compassionate heart shines through every day.  Coralynn takes time to listen and understand the client's Plan of Care prior to going into their home.  She takes great pride in her job and doing her absolute best.

Coralynn approaches each of her clients with love and kindness. This allows her to make strong bonds with them and enables her to earn their trust.  When Coralynn enters a client’s home, we take pride in knowing that her attention to detail and commitment to quality will ensure an exceptional in-home experience every time.

Her great personality, infectious smile, and her support to the Comfort Keepers mission are just a few reasons we value Carolynn.   We are lucky to have her heart and dedication on our Comfort Keepers team.

Thank you Coralynn and Congratulations on being one of our top senior caregivers!


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