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Comfort Keepers Senior Care in East Port Orchard, WA

Uncompromising End of Life Senior Care Available in East Port Orchard, WA Through Comfort Keepers

When seniors reach the end of their life and are diagnosed as such, there is no better place for them than at home among people who care. It does not always work out that family can care for seniors in this situation, but this does not mean that seniors should be sent to a nursing home or a hospice care facility where they wait out their remaining days in an unfamiliar environment. End of life senior care from Comfort Keepers of Bremerton, WA offers not only supportive services for hospice care, but also offers respite services for families in East Port Orchard, WA to make this trying time a bit more manageable.

Benefits for End of Life Senior Care for East Port Orchard, WA ResidentsFriends receiving senior care in East Port Orchard, WA

Comfort Keepers believes that end of life senior care is far more than a caregiver coming in once a day to take care of essential tasks. While this is certainly part of our caregiver’s duties, they offer far more by supporting the family with emotional and moral support. In addition to offering direct end of life care and palliative care support for your senior, we will help with laundry, meals, and housekeeping.  We also offer companionship for your loved one that goes beyond just being there to watch over them.

Comfort Keepers Care Does Not End When Your Loved One Passes

Losing someone you love is never easy. When your loved one passes, our senior care does not just end there. We will be there to help you with the difficult tasks, such as dealing with the loss, arranging services, and sorting through your loved one’s possessions.  Comfort Keepers of Bremerton, WA will stay with loved ones through the entire process from the time you invite us in.


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If you are facing a loved one with a terminal illness or they are simply at the end of their life, and you need help, please do not hesitate to contact us today at (360) 373-5678.  We can get you the resources you need through a free in-home consultation.

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